Tablet na doma

Slovak Telekom

For Slovak Telekom, we have created an absolutely unique application that greatly simplifies tablet control and allows remote device management. The app under the name "Jednoducho" was available on Google Play, but also became a part of the product "Tablet na doma".

In cooperation with Huawei, the application was installed directly on the newly produced tablets. At the same time the operating system was modified so that the launcher environment started immediately after turning on the tablet, and the application could not be deleted from it.
We created remote management for the app, which allowed to remotely set up your entire tablet and even upload photos to the gallery.

The app "Jednoducho" has become part of the product "Tablet na doma" designed primarily for older users, which has been one of the main selling points of the 2016 Christmas campaign.

Tablet na doma - Slovak Telekom