DinoPark VR


For our client DinoPark, we have created a unique VR experience right from the peak of Mesozoic era. A two-minute VR story in which you can look around and watch amazing Mesozoic scenery and dinosaurs.

We worked on the project from the idea itself, through script creation, VR development to VR zone design and operator training.

Vr app is developed for Samsung Gear VR in combination with Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. To give visitors the best possible experience, we've tailored the entire VR headset for DinoPark. We've added VR glasses with headphones, blocked system buttons, and invented a charging and protection system.

This experience has been in operation since October 2018 in DinoPark Harfa Praha in the newly created VR zone inside the park.

DinoPark VR - DinoPark

Mobile VR app
VR zone